Warming Up

A first hello.

You’ve discovered Time Vault Soccer’s first post. Introductions. Toby, Holly, Sarah and Scott, Hi! Over the next few weeks, we (Sneaky F.C.) will be bringing you a new tabletop football card game. “Time Vault Soccer”, which depending upon the rumor you believe was either:

Time Vault Soccer table top card game Debut
Time Vault Soccer tabletop card game

Want to know if it’s your thing?

Then answer the following:

Time machines are ace?                                                                             Hell Yeah/Nope.

I want to correct the Soccer wrongs from the past,                              Hell Yeah/Nope. change Soccer history and fulfill my destiny!

I know someone who would say “Hell yeah“ to the above.                 Hell Yeah/Nope.

If you answered “Hell Yeah” to any of the above then Time Vault Soccer is for you… or them and we need you. We will be posting details on how you can get involved before the official launch, here, on Friday 2nd February 2018.

In the meantime please keep an eye on this blog for more info about Time Vault Soccer and feel free to drop by our Contact page and say hi back. It’s our first day, we are the new kid and no one likes us… n’uff said!


Biddi-Biddi-Biddi hiya Buck!