Profile Tuesday – Alberto Tarantini

Alberto Tarantini Best Soccer Card Game

A tough tackling, fiery tempered, nightlife loving player of undoubted talent, notable for winning the World Cup with Argentina in 1978 without having a club.

Born:         3 December 1955 – Ezeiza, Argentina                         Position:   Left Back, Wing Back, Centre Back

Club Career:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Years                       Team                                   App                Gls                                                                                                                                    1973 – 1977        Boca Juniors                   179                   0                                                                                                                              1978 – 1979        Birmingham City             23                   1                                                                                                                              1979                         Talleres de Cordoba      13                   1                                                                                                                            1980 – 1983        River Plate                             0                   0                                                                                                                                    1983 – 1984        SC Bastia                             29                   1                                                                                                                                1984 – 1988        Toulouse                           130                   8                                                                                                                              1988 – 1989        FC St. Gallen                        0

International Career:                                                                                                                                                                                                 1974 – 1982        Argentina                            61                   1

Career Profile:

Time Vault Soccer “doff’s it’s cap” to this trailblazing Argentinian with a representation of the 1977 – 78 season when Tarantini helped lift the World Cup for the hosting nation.

… Just prior to his signing for Birmingham City where we proceeded to knock out Manchester Utd’s Brian Greenhoff before wading into the crowd to punch one of his own clubs fans.

Time Vault Soccer Profile:

Position:              Defend (Left)                                                                                 Rating:                 2 Stars                                                      Skill Stats:           ATTACK    3           DEFEND    5                                             Special:                                                                    

Full Blooded Tackle (Intimidation Skill): As your opponent plays a 1 or 2 star card in attack, if Tarantini is in your hand, he may counter this player. The attackers skill is cancelled and both cards are disarded. This counts as your turn. If Tarantini’s defend is < your opponents attack, Tarantini is Yellow Carded and conceeds a free kick.

Season Stats:                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Year                          Team                          App                  Gls                Hons                                                                                                                 1977 – 1978         N/A                               0    (7)             0    (1)         (World Cup)

Strategy Tip:  A solid defender with a physical edge, Tarantini is best suited to man marking an opponent’s low ranking special skill player to nullify their strategic impact or to prevent your opponent getting a shot off. He remains no slouch when it comes to general defensive duties and can be pressed into attack if required.

Features in: “Debut 60’s v 70’s –  Card No: 14/32”

Figures in (Italics) = stats for their National side.

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    • Bad Boss says:

      Hi C The D (Please be a real Dragon), Yes all 32 players for Time Vault Soccer “Debut” 60’s v 70’s are confirmed and we are just finalizing 50’s and 80’s expansions. We will be announcing full line ups here over the coming weeks. Which 3 players would YOU like to see in the game? Thx for getting in touch, keep on Dragon-ing :).

    • Bad Boss says:

      … Johnny Hayes, Stanley Matthews and Len Shackleton. Claire Gouge, winner of the recent “Chairman’s Choice” challenge selected Sir Stan to be included in the 50’s deck and that is being pulled together :). Johnny Hayes (Fulham F.C) and Len Shackleton (Sunderland F.C), two undisputed legends and very worthy of inclusion in the Time Vault Soccer card game.

      Each Time Vault Soccer footballer card represents one season of a players career. That card reflects the players skills and stats for that season. Which years would you pick for Matthews, Hayes and Shackleton?

      Thanks for getting in touch.

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