Profile Tuesday – Ian Callaghan

Name:       Ian CallaghanIan Callaghan Liverpool FC Time Vault Soccer Football Card V3.1

Born:         10 April 1942 – Toxteth, Liverpool, England

Position:   Center, Right,  Midfield

Club Career:                                                                         Years                 Team                            App                  Gls  1959-1978          Liverpool                      857                     68 1978                    Lauderdale (loan)         20                        0 1978-1981          Swansea City                 76                        1 1979                    Canberra (loan)              9                         0                                                  1981                    Cork United                    2                         0                                              1981                    Crewe Alexandra         15                         0

International Career:                                                                                                              1966 -1977          England                         4                         0

Career Profile:

Ian Callaghan is a Liverpool legend. Holding the record for most appearances (857) over his 19 seasons with the club where he helped his team win promotion to the top division in 1962 and subsequently win the league title in 1964, 1966, 1973, 1976 and 1977, FA Cup in 1965 and 1974, UEFA Cup in 1973 and 1976 and the European Cup in 1977.

Arguably overlooked by England with 4 caps, Ian was part of the England World Cup winning squad of 1966, making one appearance in the Finals in the 2 – 0 group win over France. A game that saw Ian set up the second goal for Hunt with a deft cross to the far post.

After the arrival of Messers Souncess and Dalglish he decided to leave Liverpool (in 1978) to help Swansea into the then second division in 1979. Loaned out to Lauderdale Strikers and Canberra City and after a brief spell in Ireland Ian closed his illustrious playing career at Crewe Alexandra making his final appearance at the age of 40.

Only ever booked once and voted Football Writers Association Footballer of the Year in 1974, Time Vault Soccer “doff’s it’s cap” to this, proper, footballing legend with a representation of the 1976 – 77 season. The Season that saw Ian usher Liverpool to both League and European Cup glory.

Card Profile:

Position:              Midfield (Right)                                                                                          Rating:                 1 Star                                                                                                          Skill Stats:           ATTACK    4           DEFEND    4                                                      SPECIAL:              N/A

Season Stats:                                                                                                                               Year                      Team                        App                   Gls              Hons                      1976 – 1977         Liverpool                    48    (0)              2    (0)        Div 1, EC, USC

Strategy Tip:  A well balanced midfielder, equally adept at helping out at the back as going forward in support of his attackers. Callaghan may not be your star player but his contribution to allowing you to evolve a flexible in game strategy should not be underestimated. A strategist’s player.

Features in: “Debut 60’s v 70’s –  Card No: 27/32”

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