Play through – How to play your first game

Time Vault Soccer Tabletop Card Game


You asked for it, so here it is, a play through of the Time Vault Soccer Tabletop Card Game… on video!

So cry “Havoc,” and let slip the dogs of war…  Jimmy Greaves, Bobby Moore, Danny Blanchflower, Cliff Jones, Pele, Franz Beckenbauer, Alberto Tarantini and Charlie George…  60’s vs 70’s in a basic game, first time out of the box play through.

Soccer cards with proper attitude… Choose your decade and kick some tabletop butt.


2 thoughts on “Play through – How to play your first game

  1. Tim Landers says:

    Hi Scott, I just want to say how much I enjoyed the video. Now that I own the game, I watch the video periodically, just for inspiration. A big part of the game, I think, is really getting to know the cards (players) until they become real personalities on the pitch. That is really what makes your game stand out from the rest of others. It is very immersive without being too complex. I really enjoy it very much.
    I hope you will be putting out more squads and encourage people to form their own leagues etc. I think Time Vault Soccer has endless possibilities for the future. Not only more squads but even a playmat for the game. Totally not necessary but just adds to the mood of the game.

    • Scott says:

      Hi Tim, Thanks for taking the time to provide such ace feedback… and on my birthday too :).

      Adam and I had a blast making the video, we’ve known each other since we were four and cannot play anything without getting competitive. Two minutes in we forgot we were videoing and both went for the win so it really is representative of how Time Vault Soccer plays… and I was gutted to concede a last kick equaliser to Pele!

      I think you’ve nailed it. It is all about getting to know your players and building your own team with it’s own unique way of playing. Being “very immersive without being to complex” is a lovely way of putting it. As a reader of Tabletop Gaming News recently stated we hope the game “fills that gap between Fantasy Sports as most of the world knows it, and Fantasy Sports as we gamers know it” in other words, it’s easy to pick up and play but has loads of depth for those who want it. Of course none of that matters if you don’t enjoy playing it, so we also went for broke on fun!

      We have more squads due Q2 2019 but there is still time for you to put forward any favorite players or teams you may have, although I understand from Toby who handled your order that you are not actually a big soccer fan. Don’t let that stop you putting forward any ideas and a BIG thumbs up from all of us here for being open minded about taking on a game who’s theme may not initially appeal. Open- mindedness 1 – narrow-mindednss 0.

      A playmat, score boards and other enhancing components are all possible but no timelines for them yet. Having launched Time Vault Soccer into a very crowded and noisey tabletop gaming world a few months ago we are still spreading the word and have grand plans for organised events but all help in spreading the word would be very much appreciated… we don’t have the big budgets of the big boys so word of mouth and local champions are really very important to us :). If you could leave your comments on the Time Vault Soccer entry of the Board Game Geek review site (link below) we would be very appreciative :).


      Thanks again Tim. In such a busy world we really appreciate you taking the time to give us a wave and your nod of approval, we’ll try not to let you down :).


Biddi-Biddi-Biddi hiya Buck!