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Jimmy Greaves Time Vault Soccer

Tottenham Hotspurs’ highest ever goalscorer with 266 goals, the highest goalscorer in the history of English top-flight football with 357 goals, and has also scored more hat-tricks (six) for England than anyone else… ever!

An instinctive goal scorer whose speed in thought and deed made up for any lack of size and power making the Chelsea, A.C. Milan, Tottenham, West Ham and England forward, probably, the greatest finisher in the history of English football.

Born:       20th February 1940 –  Manor Park, England                                       Position:    Striker

Club Career:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Years                  Team                                       Apps                  Gls                                                                                                                    1957-1961      Chelsea                                   157                 124                                                                                                                            1961                    A.C. Milan                                 12                       9                                                                                                                      1961-1970      Tottenham Hotspur         321                 220                                                                                                                        1970-1971      West Ham                                38                    13                                                                                                                                1976-1977      Chelmsford City                   38                    20

International Career:                                                                                                                                                                                            1959-1967       England                                    57                    44

Career Profile:

Scoring 357 goals in 516 games in the English First Division and 44 goals in 57 internationals Jimmy Greaves announced his presence as a 17 year old on his Chelsea debut, in 1957, scoring ironically, against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane.

Goals came in all varieties, volleys, chips, drives, most struck with virtually no back lift to give him that extra split-second which unhinged so many defenders.

A move to A.C. Milan from Chelsea proved misconceived, although he scored 9 goals in 12 games and a return to Spurs provided him with a more fitting theatre. Arriving too late to enjoy the double season, and although the side went on to win the F.A Cup and European Cup Winners’ Cup in the next two years, the tragic death of John White, the broken leg suffered by Dave Mackay and the retirement of Danny Blanchflower meant the highest honours were denied him.

The 1966 World Cup was still more traumatic. A regular member of the side, Greaves missed the quarter final against Argentina through injury. His replacement, Geoff Hurst, scored the winner and retained his place, Greaves watching the final from the bench.

His disappointment took it’s toll, and by the time he retired after an unhappy spell with West Ham Utd he was on the downward spiral into alcoholism. His subsequent recovery speaks volumes for the man and Jimmy Greaves remains one of the most popular and respected of players.

The Time Vault Soccer football card game doff’s it’s cap to this footballing Legend with a representation of the 1960-61 season, Jimmy’s final season at Chelsea netting 43 goals in 43 appearances.

And for those with a little more time on their hands – you know what we are talking about!

Time Vault Soccer football card game Profile:

Position:              Attack (Center)                                                   Rating:                 3 Star                                                                         Skill Stats:          ATTACK    7           DEFEND    1                    Special:

On Fire (Confidence Skill): Each time Jimmy Greaves scores, Jimmy gains a +2 Attack bonus for the rest of the match.

Season Stats:                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Year                      Team                                    App                     Gls                 Hons                                                                                                1960 – 1961       Chelsea                               43     (4)             43     (5)       –

Strategy Tip:  Get Jimmy scoring and you have the most potent individual attacker in the game… and he’s only a 3 star card… oh yes, oh so very yes!

Features in: “Debut 60’s v 70’s –  Card No: 58/64”

Figures in (Italics) = stats for their National side.

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