Time Vault Soccer spans the political divide

Jimmy Greaves in action

Some say one picture in the hand is worth two pokes in the bush… at the Time Vault Soccer football card game HQ we don’t know anything about that but we do know some ace crayoning when we see it.

So good in fact that when we handed our crayoning of Jimmy Greaves to two unnamed politicians Boris and Sir Rodney they said “Never heard of the Time Vault Soccer football card game, could we have another bun please”.

“Surely” we said, “you know of His Holiness, Jimmy Greaves, inventor of football, goal botherer and snorter of beer from the 1950’s to the 1970’s?”.

“Oh that Jimmy Greaves” Boris the big hairy spider and Rodders replied putting their trousers back on “ Played for Chelsea, A.C Milan, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham Utd and Chelsmford City, won the world Cup in 1966, lovely chap… carry on the good work”.

So we have and spanned the great political divide between two trouserless political colossi in the process.

… And there we have it, the reason why Time Vault Soccer is having a face lift with all new art and card layout. To make the world a better place.

Next week we go to America as their Half Man, Half Biscuit Presidential Trumpa Loompa has invited us over for his daily foofaraw and we now have some colouring in that needs doing.

Keep on jogging on.

5 thoughts on “Time Vault Soccer spans the political divide

  1. CharlieJohn-Ward says:

    Liked the original photos, but also like the the new art preview. Guess it saves money on licensing images? Will the photo version be playable with the art version? Great game just don’t want to have to re-buy my squads?

    • Scott says:

      Hey Charlie, we liked the original photos too but found them quite restricting when it comes to the feel of the game. Getting our own crayons out gives us more scope to be creative… sure, it gives us some savings but the big win is the time it frees up. Licensing photo’s is very time consuming for small guys like us and takes an age to put in place so crayoning ourselves means we can expand the the Time Vault Soccer universe quicker. By all accounts scream if you want to go faster :).


    • Scott says:

      Hey Charlie, sorry I missed that part of your initial question, pointy hat with the “D” on, going on head now. Yes, the new artwork cards are designed to use with the old Photo cards. So no need to re-buy. The Time Vault Soccer universe is simply looking a bit brighter as it gets bigger. Woo-Hoo!

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