England ’66 vs. Germany ’90 – When balls collide

Time Vault Soccer Kickstarter

Time Vault Soccer needs you as much as England ’66 and West Germany ’90 needed Messrs Moore and Matthäus… so wake up and smell the football! This is what we are talking about…

England 1966, Bobby Moore, Jack Charlton, Nobby Stiles and Alan Ball must face the might of West Germany in the World Cup Final.

Bobby leads England to a 4 – 2 victory. In England the streets are paved with gold and 9 months later the birth rate in England explodes.

Fast forward to Italia ’90 and England must face West Germany once again, this time in the semi finals… Lothar Matthäus, Jürgen Klinsmann, Andreas Brehme and Jürgen Kohler re-invent football.

West Germany win. Gascoigne crys, Lineker says “have a word” – and the time machine is switched to on!

Now the boys from ’66 must play the boys from ’90 in a showdown match for who gets the girl and who has to go home and tidy their bedrooms.

England ’66 vs. Germany ’90 – Rivals. Who gets the girl… you battle it out!

Time Vault Soccer “Rivals” is a stand alone starter set and expansion to the “Debut” set of cards. It brings 31 new footballers and 12 new skills to the Time Vault Soccer universe – Bobby Moore is already in the Debut set and the grown ups say we can’t count him twice. However, he has had a kicking new make over, just to make him more Time Vaulty –  and enables you to have up to 6 friends blow an entire evening dueling it out in a league and cup format.

Like the sound of Trequartista, Midfield Destroyer, Ghosting into attack, One on One, Marauding Header and Too Clever? Heck, we do!

Making “Rivals” a reality depends on you backing it on Kickstarter, if you want it, you need to back it. So gather your mates (friends not condoms) and back Time Vault Soccer for the win. Simply click the banner below for details.

We can’t do it without you… otherwise we would have ;). 

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Biddi-Biddi-Biddi hiya Buck!