What is the Time Vault Soccer retro football card game?

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This post helps you discover what the Time Vault Soccer retro football card game is, how to play and why you need it in your football bonkers life, so…

What is Time Vault Soccer?

Time Vault Soccer is football with time machines… cards, shouting, knee sliding and a lot of sulking.

You’re the Boss! You build and manage your own team of great, good and interesting soccer players from across the decades. You take on your opponent in a two player duel and it’s your fault when it all turns to custard. Which it will… because it’s football.

Football cards
Serving suggestion No1: If the pub's shut, is ace with coffee.

Family and adult friendly (8+). Designed for game nights or regular meet ups. Ace with multiple players in a cup, league or tournament format. It’s fast paced, plays in 20-30 minutes and is super easy to learn… but tricksy as heck to master.

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The Game play

The rules are simple, select your team (it’s your call), then take turns to build attacks (that’s ace) and defend (if you must) . When you decide to shoot, total your combined attack rating. If your opponent can’t save, by fielding a stronger defence, you score!

… Except players with “Special Skills” allow you to bend the rules and play your way. Reposition opponents cards (that’s annoying!). Move or boost your own (didn’t see that coming). Produce moments of individual magic (oh no you didn’t!). Or change your hand to find your keeper and pluck the ball from the air (absolute git!).

  • If you score the most goals – you win, happy knee sliding!
  • If you draw – Penalty shoot out, “squeaky bum time”.
  • If you score the least goals – you lose… sulking optional, but recommended.

Where do I start?

There are three ways to get started:

1. Download the Free print and play version of Debut 1960’s vs 1970’s and original rule book.

2. Buy one of the two starter squads, each contains two ready to play teams:

    • Debut 1960’s (Jimmy Greaves, Bobby Moore) vs 1970’s (Pele, Franz Beckenbauer)
    • Rivals England1966 World Cup winners vs West Germany 1990 World Cup winners

3. Buy any two of the expansion squads and download the original rule book.

How to navigate Time Vault Soccer
Time Vault Soccer football card universe April 2022

Every Time Vault Soccer pack is ready to play straight out of the box. Pitching two ready made squads against each other is an ace way to get into the action quickly. You’ll get familiar with the basic game play and gain insight into how to combine your players and bend the rules.

Can I create my own squad?

Is the right question! Yes, that’s what the Time Vault Soccer retro football card game is all about. Each Boss (that’s you!) selects a different pre set 16 player squad. All cards are placed face up on the table then choose either:

  1. The playground pick

The Boss voted the worst Boss (live with it!) selects the first player to join their squad. The second worst goes next, then the third etc… Bosses continue to take turns until all players have been selected.

Bosses may lobby for being the worst Boss before the start of the pick.

  1. The Accrington Stanley (Who are they… Exactly!) scramble

Each Boss has £100 to spend. The eldest (for they are wise) selects a player from the pool. Bosses then write, in secret, what they bid for that player. The highest bid signs that player to their squad and their £100 reduced by the appropriate amount. The second eldest (for they are slightly less wise) then selects a player etc… The scramble continues until all players are bought or the Boss’s budgets have been blown.


Go the full honk and create your own Elite Squad. The ultimate way to build your squad and pit your wits against lesser mortals. It’s what the Time Vault Soccer retro football card game is designed to do!

You pre-select your own squad from all the Time Vault football cards you own. How you blend your squad together, your playing style and your strategy is up to you.

For details on how to build your own Elite squad or play The Accrington Stanley (Who are they… Exactly!) scramble see Pro Rules: Player Drafts.

Breaking News!

Time Vault Soccer – The worlds first living, breathing football card game!

Mystery Cards
Beryl Reid? Seriously?

Boom! On the 24th May 2022 Time Vault Soccer becomes the worlds first living, breathing tabletop retro football card game. It’s a mouthful, but that’s what it is.

Starting on the 24th May new squads based on the greatest and most interesting teams in football history join the Time Vault Soccer universe every two months. Join up for the Boss’s Notes for advance notice of the new players and teams.

Play straight out of the box, or craft your own elite team with ever evolving players, skills and new ways to kipper your opponent a good’un… either way kiss goodbye to your weekends, you’ve got knee slides to make and sulks to throw.

The Transfer Window

Not looking for a new team but liking the smell of that No 9 to enhance your already bloated squad? Then welcome to the Transfer Window.

Newcastle Utd Player

The Time Vault Soccer web shop will host the Transfer Window from the 7th June 2022. Through it you can buy any of the individual players in the game.

The value of players will go up and down over time depending upon real time demand. How you play the Transfer Window is up to you. Our tip – talent spot early to get a bargain before others pile in.

Time Vault Soccer Boss’s Notes

Lets face it, not knowing stuff sucks. So sign up for the Boss’s notes and stop sucking.

Get advanced notice of new squad releases, exclusive offers and pro playing tips straight to your inbox. You’ll get one email every two months. It’s free, no spam. Unsubscribe whenever you want or you can kick Scott in the cloaca*.

Retro Football Card Game

Boss’s Notes Prog 1 –  is due out on the 10th May ’22 and features pro tips for not “cocking it up” with the Debut 1980’s squad that includes:

  • Dave Beasant, Wimbledon ‘88
  • Uli Stein, Hamburger SV, Germany ‘83
  • Alan Kennedy, Liverpool ‘81
  • Tony Adams, Arsenal, England ‘89
  • Giuseppe Bergomi, Internazionale, Italy ‘82
  • Claudio Gentile, Juventus, Italy ‘82
  • Joao D Pinto, Porto ’87,
  • Tony Galvin, Tottenham Hotspurs, Republic of Ireland ‘84
  • Gian Antognoni, Fiorentina, Italy ‘82
  • Socrates, Corinthians, Brazil ‘82
  • Morten Olsen, Anderlecht, Denmark ’86
  • Laszlo Boloni, Steau Bucuresti, Romania ‘86
  • Francesco Graziani, Fiorentina, Italy ‘82
  • Marco Van Basten, AC Milan, Netherlands ‘88
  • Peter Withe, Aston Villa, England ‘81
  • Jorge Valdano, Real Madrid, Argentina ‘86

So join us in defying the tyranny of modern football** and celebrate the great, the good and downright interesting from football past by signing up for your Boss’s Notes now…

Retro Football has never been more sulk inducing!

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  • 24th May ’22 – Feature NEW squad: Time Vault Soccer the living, breathing football card game.

* I did not agree to this, why has it got to be my cloaca… again? [Scott]

** Strapline proudly lifted from Three Stroke Productions. Ace at slogans, Ace at distinctive clothing since 1997. We see you Three Stroke.

About our manufacturing:

Sustainable UK sourced materials: Time Vault Soccer only uses cardboard in it’s manufacture. We do not cello wrap our products or put them in oversized boxes because we are not twats.

Planet 1 – Plastic 0.

Environmentally friendly workshop: We partner a local, UK based Forestry Stewardship Council approved manufacturer to ensure our products have the lowest impact on the environment as possible. FSC® is the longest established forest certification scheme and is recommended by the WWF and UK Government.

Planet 2 – Plastic 0.

Time Vault Soccer is 100% thunk up and made in the UK… so no, we don’t ship containers halfway around the world either. Look at us get all virtue signally. Go us!

Biddi-Biddi-Biddi hiya Buck!