The Time Vault Soccer Transfer Centre, Eric Cantona and the Water Margin

Eric Cantona didn’t say “do not despise the snake for having no horns, for who is to say it will not become a dragon? So may one man become an army”… it was the narrator from the Water Margin. Regardless, it explains why you need the Time Vault Soccer Transfer Centre in your life.

As Time Vault Soccer grows, so too will the number of football players available to you. The opportunity for you to hatch new football strategies and build dream teams that’ll spectacularly turn to custard are endless.

To agitate this abject failure we thought it would be funny if we made all the players in the game available to you individually. You don’t need your hand holding to balls it up with a pre-made squad when you can balls it up with your own. After all, failing under your own steam is far more rewarding.

So welcome to main stage, The Time Vault Soccer football card game Transfer Centre.

What is it?

It allows you to go freestyle. You buy the players you want from the whole Time Vault Soccer universe of football cards, individually. It’s like rock climbing without the safety harness of a pre-set squad. Can you hear that? That’s our Custard alert-o-meter going bonkers!

Why should I use it?

When you want to add that final piece to your metaphorical footballing jigsaw, but you don’t want to buy a whole pre-set squad. Did Pep offer to buy the whole Aston Villa squad when he wanted Jack Grealish? How’s that working out for you Pep? See. Custard!


When you want to build your own team from scratch, as you clearly know best. See. Guaranteed custard!

Where is it?

In the Time Vault Soccer Online Shop .

When should I check it?

The Transfer Centre is open now. New football cards will be added every Monday & Tuesday by midday UK time. For our UK and European Bosses this means you could have your new signing by the weekend. Providing the postal service passes it’s fitness test. Possible 3rd party custard!

Which players will be available to buy?

Every football card in Time Vault Soccer will be available in the Transfer Window. This includes some special exclusives. Check it weekly or sign up for the Boss’s Notes to get notifications sent direct to your mail box.

How does it work?

  • The rank of a player is driven by the number of times their football card has been purchased. The No1 ranked football card is the player most in demand. Rank is tracked over the last 30 days and all time on a rolling basis. It includes sales via the Transfer Centre and Pre-set Squads. Use this info to see what other Bosses are doing and how they may be building their squads.
  • The player’s rank drives the valuation of that player’s football cards. Their value will rise and fall depending upon their popularity. Value will change in real time according to the players ranking. Use this to get in early as the longer the player is available the higher their value is likely to go.
  • The red bar indicates how the value of the player is trending. Falling (moves left). Stable (in the middle). Increasing (moves right). Keep an eye on the bar to grab players at a great price or before they get to expensive. Timing is everything. Many Bosses seeing the same opportunity may bounce the players value up again.

So as Eric Cantona also never said “do not despise the 1 star card for having no horns, for who is to say it will not become a dragon? So may one pair of cards become an army”

Time Vault Soccer Boss’s Notes

Boss’s Notes are live – Prog 2 will be out on the 23rd June ’22 and will feature:

  • Nucleus Squad #2 who will join Italy ’82?
  • More Boss’s tips for using the Transfer Centre.
  • Exclusive Boss’s offer for July 2022.

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Retro Football yourself for the win!

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If you have any questions about the Time Vault Soccer football card game then go on, get in touch. What’s the worst that could happen.

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