Spurs 60/61 Dave Mackay your way to victory – What you need to know

Tottenham Hotspur 60/61 crank up the Time Vault Soccer football card game to even higher levels. Danny Blanchflower and Cliff Jones have been strutting their football stuff in TVS since it’s launch in 2018 and now they’re joined by Messrs Mackay, Smith, Norman et al.

So celebrate one of the finest football teams the world has ever seen, stare down your opponents woeful attempts at intimidation and Dave Mackay your way to victory.


Spurs 60/61 are more than silky, flowing football. Their Time Vault Soccer squad is the perfect balance of intelligence, technical genius and strength all facilitated by a healthy dose of hand management abilities.

Forget about Iron Man, he’s a marshmallow compared to Dave Mackay. As for Thor, we’d take Bobby Smith hammering them home any day. Dr Strange nah, John White weaving his magic on the pitch beats anything Mr Strange can do… and the list goes on.

What’s different about this Tottenham squad is they give you options. Options not just on how you build your moves but on what strategy you pursue at any point during the game. Hand management abilities let you choose when to mess with your opponents strategy, play on the break or go all out attack.

In short Tottenham 60/61 are a Happy Happy Joy Joy squad to Boss and an unpredictable pain in the arsenal to play against.

Cop a look at these puppies…

The Tottenham Hotspur 60/61 squad in full

  • Bill Brown (GK) – Keeper [Positional] & Rock Solid [Tactical]. Hand management
  • John Hollowbread (GK) – Keeper [Positional]. Solid back up
  • Toni Marchi  (D,M/L,C,R) – Versatile back up
  • Ron Henry (D/L) – Ref’s Call! Yellow card
  • Maurice Norman (D/C) – Head Clear [Technical]. Prevent corners & force opponent to play
  • Ken Barton (D/R) – Defensive cover
  • Peter Baker (D/R) – Ref’s Call! Yellow card
  • Dave Mackay (M/L,C) – Fearless [Leadership]. Grants Immunity to intimidation
  • Terry Dyson (M,A/L) – Left Cross [Assist] & Track Back [Teamwork]. Attack & Defend options
  • Cliff Jones (M,A/L,R) – Electrifying Pace [Tactical] – Move opponents player
  • Terry Medwin (M,A/C) – Right Cross [Assist]. Attack bonus
  • Danny Blanchflower (M/C,R) – Game Changer [Intelligence]. Hand management
  • John White (M,A/C,R) – Force Them Back [Intelligence] Force opponent to play
  • Les Allen (A/C) – Strike Partner [Teamwork]. Attack bonus
  • Frank Saul (A/C) – Ref’s Call! Red & yellow card
  • Bobby Smith (A/C)  – Target Man [Technical] OR Thundering Header [Technical] Attack bonus OR Block Keeper

What’s new?

14 new players, 8 all new game changing skills – including immunity to Intimidation and a means to prevent your opponent playing their Goalkeeper as well as two player updates as follows:

  • “Debut” Cliff Jones 60/61 vs “Nucleus” Cliff Jones 60/61 has had stats for friendlies removed from both club and country
  • “Debut” Danny Blanchflower 60/61 vs “Nucleus” Danny Blanchflower has received a minor text simplification and stats for friendlies removed from country.

New Feature

The Tottenham Hotspur 60/61 squad expands existing Time Vault Soccer features and mechanisms.

Rule update

The Tottenham Hotspur 60/61 squad works with the existing 2022 Time Vault Soccer rules and all previous card releases.

New keyword

The Tottenham Hotspur 60/61 squad does not introduce any new keywords.


Introducing first time artist to TVS, Jon Geall of South Africa who’s 1960/61 Spurs squad takes on an authentic Jean Sidobre (Georges Lévis) feel. Nice work Jon.

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