Nottingham Forest 77/78 unleash your inner Cloughie – What you need to know

Nottingham Forest 77/78 allow you to rejoice in the happy, happy, joy, joy of being the ultimate underdog.  The ultimate underdog, that against all odds, clinched victory in both the English 1st Division and the League Cup. Peter Shilton was an up-and-coming talent, Kenny Burns carried a troublesome reputation, and John Robertson was deemed scruffy, unfit, and uninterested. But we know different… soon, so will your opponent Mwhahah!

So slip into teamwork overdrive, engage your Viv Anderson, John McGovern and Peter Withe and deliver your Time Vault Soccer card game opponent a right good footballing humping, Brian Clough and Peter Taylor style! Mwhahaha.


Nottingham Forest 77/78 may not boast a 5-star superstar in their lineup, but they possess something far more powerful. This squad features the widest spread of 2 and 3-star cards, making them a unique force in the Time Vault Universe. As your game unfolds, you’ll witness the magic of how these players complement each other, turning the tides of the match in your favor.

When these players work in unison, they form a formidable defensive wall, exhibit swashbuckling attacking prowess, never give up until the final whistle, and boast the most potent bench in the game. For those familiar with tournament-style Time Vault Soccer or those who relish the thrill of 50/50 defensive calls or just had the pleasure of bumping into Sig Tardelli [Italy 81/82] then you know how important that bench is.

The Joy of this Nottingham Forest squad is that it never lets your opponent of the hook. Even a momentary lapse in concentration can prove costly. Peter Shilton’s uncanny positioning, Kenny Burns’ ability to adapt the defense on the fly, John Robertson’s capacity to confound opponents, and Ian Bowyer’s relentless determination until stoppage time—all these factors contribute to making this team a formidable adversary.

Simply put, Nottingham Forest 77/78 are the ultimate team and ultimate headache to play against. Oh, your opponent may solve some of the problems they pose but can they solve them all… at the same time, every game and until the very last kick? Captain McGovern, set sail for Sulk Island!

Let’s dive in

The Nottingham Forest 77/78 squad in full

  • Peter Shilton (GK) – Keeper [Positional] & Right Place [Intelligence]. Avoid conceding corners.
  • Chris Woods (GK) – Keeper [Positional]. Solid back up
  • Colin Barrett (D/L) – [Teamwork]
  • Frank Clark (D/L) – Ref’s Call! Red & Yellow card
  • Larry Lloyd (D/C) – No Nonsense [Intimidation]. Cancel opponents Skill
  • Kenny Burns (D/C) – Martial The Defence [Leadership]. Def bonus & reposition defenders
  • Dave Needham (D/C) – [Teamwork]
  • Viv Anderson (D/R) – Raiding Fullback [Tactical]. Swap Attack rating for Defend rating / Force play
  • John Robertson (M/L) – Driving Attack [Creative]. Force Goalmouth Scramble
  • Ian Bowyer (M/C) – Giving it All [Physical] – Resurrects in stoppage time.
  • Archie Gemmill (M/C,R) – Drive Them Forward [Teamwork]. Attack bonus
  • John O’Hare (M,A/C) – Ref’s Call! Yellow Card
  • Martin O’Neill (M/C,R) – Vision [Intelligence]. Increase hand size, Ref’s Call! Yellow Card
  • John McGovern (M/C,R) –  Go With The Runner [Teamwork]. Move from Attack to Defence
  • Tony Woodcock (A/C) – Electrifying Pace [Tactical]. Move opponents player
  • Peter Withe (A/C)  – Goal Hound [Positional]. Move to shooting position

What’s new?

16 new players, 10 all new game changing skills – including repositioning your own defenders, forcing goalmouth scrambles (even when not needed) and the resurrection of a players card in stoppage time.

New Feature

The Nottingham Forest 77/78 squad expands existing Time Vault Soccer features and mechanisms.

Rule update

The Nottingham Forest 77/78 squad works with the existing 2023 Time Vault Soccer rules and all previous card releases.

New keyword

The Nottingham Forest 77/78 squad does not introduce any new keywords.


Introducing a regular artist to TVS, Omaik Neiv of Mexico who’s 1977/78 Forest squad takes on an authentic classic comic book feel. Ace work Omaik.

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2 thoughts on “Nottingham Forest 77/78 unleash your inner Cloughie – What you need to know

    • Scott says:

      Thanks for the thumbs up Mr Ganga. This Forest Deck has been developed in conjunction with members of the Official Nottingham Forest Supporters Club. Having conducted hours of interviews we think this Time Vault squad is wonderfully representative of the real squad. It’s also very silly.

      John Robertson’s “Driving Attack” is a game changer.
      Ian Bowyer’s “Giving It All” is a real sneaky trick to have up your sleeve.
      Kenny Burn’s “Martial The Defence” is a real blow to your opponents plans.

      In short. We also think it’s ace, so thanks to Messrs Clough and Taylor for giving us such a rich story and dynamic team to work with.

      Let us know how you get on with them. In the meantime, happy knee sliding.


Biddi-Biddi-Biddi hiya Buck!