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"Chairman's Choice" now closed. Congratulations to Claire Gouge of Suffolk who correctly identified Frank McLintock and the 1971 FA Cup Final, Charlie George 111th minute winning goal celebration.

Arsenal 1971 FA Cup Charlie George goal celebration

The link? Both Charlie George and John Radford, wearing the No 9 shirt, are in the Time Vault Soccer tabletop card game "Debut 60's v 70's" pack... so you can get your Arsenal together!

Claire has chosen Sir Stanley Matthews for inclusion in the Time Vault Soccer tabletop card game 1950's expansion deck and will receive the first "Matthews" card off the press as the prize for some great sleuth work.

Ace work Claire!

Win a "Chairman's Choice" - With the 1950's expansion deck nearly complete, be the first to answer the following question to select a player of your choosing to feature in the 1950's deck (subject to appropriate permissions).

Q. What’s the link between Time Vault Soccer and what’s happening in the rest of this photo?Time Vault Soccer card game Chairman's Choice 1

Need a clue... see the TVS card game overview video.


Got a Golden Boot? Want one?

We're working through our press photos and are flummoxed by the unsung Spurs hero on the left. We’ve got Steve Perryman (Tottenham Hostspur) and Pat Holland (West Ham) but who is our mystery hero? Photo taken in Sept 1973.

Steve Perryman Pat Holland and another

One virtual Time Vault Soccer "Golden Boot" for the first person to provide an answer here, twitter  or Facebook.

Official launch date confirmed - 26th April 2018 on Kickstarter.

So if you like your games with footballs, time machines, cards, shouting, knee slides and sulking... then please say hello, please follow our countdown program and please support our April/May Kickstarter campaign.

Time Vault Soccer Kickstarter countdown 30


What is the Time Vault Soccer Card Game?

Time Vault Soccer is Soccer with Time Machines… and cards, shouting, knee sliding and possibly sulking.

You build and manage your own team of great, good and interesting Soccer players from across the decades and take on others in a game of football. It lets you answer the question – How would a player from one era fare in another... if you were managing the team.

“Debut 60’s v 70’s” is the Time Vault Soccer starter deck and comes with two pre-set teams ready to play, straight out of the box, and pitches a squad of 16 players from the 60’s against their counterparts from the 70’s.

  • Danny Blanchflower (1961 Tottenham) vs Charlie George (1971 Arsenal).
  •  Jimmy Greaves (1961 Chelsea ) vs Franz Beckenbauer  (1974 Bayern).
  • Bobby Moore (1966 West Ham) vs Pele (1970 Santos).

Highly strategic, no two games ever play the same, for ages 8+, 20 minutes to play, suits any gaming occasion for two players or for multiple players in a cup, league or tournament format, super fun, family friendly and super easy to learn… but a devil to master.

  • If you score the most goals – You win, happy knee sliding!
  • If you draw – Penalty shoot out, “squeaky bum time”.
  • If you score the least goals - you lose... sulking optional.

Game Mechanics:

The core game uses a refined version of the original Football Resurrection game mechanics. A how to play Video will be posted here on Friday 9th February 2018.

Board Game Geek Football Resurrection Time Vault Soccer

Players said the following about the original on Board Game Geek:

"What a great game. Best card game I have played in years, fast fun addictive and with multi layers of strategy. Doesn't matter if you are a football fan or not - this game's got legs! (Maglore 10/10)


You've just given me the best weekends gaming I've had in ages. Creative, challenging, awesomely addictive and amazing fun. My throat is hoarse from all the impromptu shouting!" (Tony Ox 9.5/10)

not to mention...

this game is all about game play. It does not shoe horn in a play mechanic for the sake of it and it does not try to be clever. Instead it goes for broke on being fun with game play that is so fluid the game twists and turns with near real football excitement (I never thought I'd say that about a card game!)… could well become the defining football card game (Toby Keane 9/10)

Of course...

I really liked this game. It captures the essence of Soccer and I'm glad someone came up with an actual playable version of a soccer card game (Hmocc 8/10)

in case it wasn't clear...

Great game play, game length is perfect, deck construction options are excellent and potential for development is exciting. It's simple enough to pick up quickly but has enough to keep you interested, thinking tactically and coming back to play. (Prospero 8/10)

and not forgetting...

"It's a lot of fun and with the right people the banter will be a riot! (Mike Hibbert 7/10).

Now, we need you:

With 1000’s of game testing hours already under our belts and with deadline day fast approaching, Sneaky F.C are looking for a small number of games testers, that have not already been involved in the games development over the last 12 months, to give the game a final “kick about”.

If you can spare some time to play over the next few weeks, and are happy to provide some feedback (no previous games testing experience required), we’ll send you a game for testing free of charge. Simply get in touch, say Hi and we’ll get right back to you with details.

…and Finally

Alberto Tarantini Argentina Time Vault Soccer Football Card V3.1Remember to check back every Tuesday for the "Tuesday Profile” for card profiles and playing tips, which next week features Alberto Taranti - The World Cup winner, with no club!

And don't forget Friday the 9th February 2018 for the “How to Play” video.

If you can't wait and have any questions about Time Vault Soccer then don’t hesitate, get in touch… its coming... oooer… n’uff said!

A first hello.

You've discovered Time Vault Soccer’s first post. Introductions. Toby, Holly, Sarah and Scott, Hi! Over the next few weeks, we (Sneaky F.C.) will be bringing you a new tabletop football card game. “Time Vault Soccer”, which depending upon the rumor you believe was either:

Time Vault Soccer table top card game Debut
Time Vault Soccer tabletop card game

Want to know if it’s your thing?

Then answer the following:

Time machines are ace?                                                                             Hell Yeah/Nope.

I want to correct the Soccer wrongs from the past,                              Hell Yeah/Nope. change Soccer history and fulfill my destiny!

I know someone who would say “Hell yeah“ to the above.                 Hell Yeah/Nope.

If you answered “Hell Yeah” to any of the above then Time Vault Soccer is for you… or them and we need you. We will be posting details on how you can get involved before the official launch, here, on Friday 2nd February 2018.

In the meantime please keep an eye on this blog for more info about Time Vault Soccer and feel free to drop by our Contact page and say hi back. It's our first day, we are the new kid and no one likes us... n'uff said!