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“Chairman’s Choice” now closed

"Chairman's Choice" now closed. Congratulations to Claire Gouge of Suffolk who correctly identified Frank McLintock and the 1971 FA Cup Final, Charlie George 111th minute winning goal celebration.

Arsenal 1971 FA Cup Charlie George goal celebration

The link? Both Charlie George and John Radford, wearing the No 9 shirt, are in the Time Vault Soccer tabletop card game "Debut 60's v 70's" pack... so you can get your Arsenal together!

Claire has chosen Sir Stanley Matthews for inclusion in the Time Vault Soccer tabletop card game 1950's expansion deck and will receive the first "Matthews" card off the press as the prize for some great sleuth work.

Ace work Claire!

2 thoughts on ““Chairman’s Choice” now closed

  1. Bad Boss

    Hi Mr (?) Dragon

    On this occasion it was first past the post, so only one "Chairman's Choice". There will be other chances to win Time Vault Soccer card game prizes so keep an eye on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

    If the "Chairman's Choice" prize worked for you, then all backers of our Kickstarter launch, on the 26th April 2018, will be made lifelong "Chairman" with a voice and vote in all future player inclusions.

    Thanks for getting touch :).


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