Who is the Time Vault Soccer custom service for?

Time Vault Soccer “custom” is for Football Clubs, at every level, who want to celebrate yesterdays players with todays fans. It’s a unique way to engage with your fan base in a joyous celebration of football.

Custom decks enable your fans to collect and manage your past legends in a dynamic, living, fun football card game for 2 or more players.

We design, games test and produce the cards for you to sell, gift or use to raise money for good causes.

Do you charge a set up fee?

We do not charge a set-up fee for our custom service and all product is provided at wholesale prices. For current pricing for your project, please request a quote.

What is the production time for the custom service?

Once your project has been agreed and payment made we need four weeks to prepare bespoke artwork and games test your bespoke decks with up to four weeks for production. Shipping is dependent upon destination and will be confirmed at the beginning of the project.

Please be aware that at busy times timelines may need to be extended. This will be confirmed with you before the project is agreed.

Do I get a dedicated Project Manager?

Yes, we are BIG on customer service! You get a dedicated Project Manager who will work with you and keep you informed every step of the way.

Are custom cards compatible with other cards in the TVS universe?

Yes. You can mix custom cards with every other card in the Time Vault Soccer universe. Every custom game becomes part of the whole.

How to choose which Football players to include?

It’s up to you. You can recreate your real squads or opt for the “best of” by decade or even all time. A Starter Deck with your two most popular squads is a good start. It enables your fans to play both squads against each other to see who can come out on top. Adding additional Expansion Squads brings in fans from different years and era’s.

We’ll work with you to decide what works best for you depending on your budget and business objectives.

Who decides which attributes are allocated to each player?

Time Vault Soccer has it’s own finely tuned game engine that ensures all “TVS” cards work with all other cards. We’ll work with you to ensure a unique and realistic representation is made of your chosen footballers.

You can either fire it out to our inhouse experts (No burden on you), work on it with us (If you want to, it’s fun!) or have us work with your designated groups Fan base, Schools, Competition winners etc… as it’s a great way to drive engagement.

Your designated Project Manager will talk you through some of the options and tailor a bespoke process to your requirements once you receive your quote.

Who provides the artwork?

We do. You tell us what you want and we do the rest. Simple.

What products are available to custom order?

We recommend your first custom product is a Starter Deck. This includes two squads each featuring 2 copies of 16 footballers (64 cards in total), for a full 2 player game and an official rule book.

From this base you can add any number of Expansion Squads, featuring 2 copies of 16 footballers (32 cards in total) to expand your custom game. Every expansion enables another player to join the game in a league or cup format and every footballer card changes the game, throws up more options and enhances the fun.

How do Starter Decks and Expansion Squads come packaged?

Starter Decks are in case sizes of 24. Expansion Squads are in case sizes of 48. Both cases measure 21x30x13cm.