Frequently asked Questions

How many cards do you draw to make your hand, 4 or 5?

TVS was originally designed for players to hold up to 4 cards in their hands. However during extensive games testing, casual players felt this made the game too tough and prevented them landing their planned moves so the hand size was increased to 5 cards.

Scott, the games designer argued long and hard that having your plans fall flat on their face is representative of footie but relented when he saw the little smiles on players faces as they thumped in cross after cross. So, the basic and Pro game is officially played with hands of 5… however, give 4 a go for a tougher, more footie real game.

Can I build more than one attacking move at the same time?

Yes. It is feasible that you will have, for example, 3 attacking moves and 2 defending moves under development at the same time. In fact good gameplay can demands this.

Your role is to direct the play. Tell your players where to go and how to combine with each other but they don’t get the ball until you activate their move. As only one move can ever be live at any given time that is where the ball is. Having and second (or third etc) attack under development means that should the first fail then another may be ready to pick the ball up and continue or restart the attack if you direct them to do so.

Just remember, you can only have one copy of each player in play at one time, so a maximum of 11 cards in play, but as you will see, you won’t be committing all 11 unless you want to get a severe humping!

Will future expansions follow the “Debut” decade vs decade format?

The era’s 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s starter deck and expansions are only a framework. TVS is designed for you to be able to custom pick your favorite players (or teams) from whenever you fancy and go up against other players doing the same.

You have a time machine, travel anywhere, pick anyone and create your own unique way of playing.