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We’re a start up. We know. 90% chance of failure (something to look forward to). We’re a family. We know, 100% chance there will be fighting (Scott will always lose, it’s the law). But Team Sneaky (us) have form, passion and knack for doing things a little differently. As one of us once heard someone else say…

In a dog eat dog world… it’s best not being a dog.Time Vault Soccer tabletop card game

The Time Vault Soccer card game, is our first shot (Maaaaaa!). It’s Soccer with time machines. You build and manage your own team of great, good and interesting Soccer players from across the decades and pit it against others.

For ages 8+, 20 minutes to play, 2 players per game but designed to scale for multiple players and teams in league, cups and other multiplayer formats.

Enough about us (Bio’s below), if you love what you play, have some mates (people not condoms), want to play some lovingly crafted games that go for broke on strategy and fun and even help evolve the Time Vault Soccer universe then say Hello

100% Thunk up, designed and made in the UK.

meet the team

Time Vault Soccer Holly Avatar

AKA: The Gobster

  • Job: Head of smiling & gobbing off whilst managing PR and being generally creative.
  • Mostly says: “Toby!” crossly.
  • Position:  Creative Midfielder (Currently parked at Right Back).
Time Vault Soccer Avatar


  • Job: Absorber of Soccer knowledge and volunteering random facts at inopportune times.
  • Mostly says: “Christian Eriksen”.
  • Position: Flying Wing Back with Bobby Moore tendencies and a Stuart Pearce mentality.
Time Vault Soccer Sarah Avatar


Job: Keeper of peace & getting it done.

Mostly says: “What do you want to do that for?”

Position: In the Pool/ Bar or both.

Time Vault Soccer Scott Avatar


  • Job: Anything no one else has done.
  • Mostly says: “ It wasn’t me, I didn’t touch it, I wasn’t even there”.
  • Position: In the stands, Forward, Right Midfield, Centre-half (very retired).

Preachy bit – spoiler Alert!

Marketing Donkey’s often say big companies should have a good cause tie in because “it makes them feel more human”. Well. Were teeny-weeny and feel very humany thank you, but will still be partnering a worthy charity because in so doing  we may make someone, somewhere happier than if we didn’t… and we like that. So trot on Marketing Donkey.

Holly has been chatting with a number of great causes and will reveal all soon.

Sneaky Prawn Games is part of the Portal Games family – We are the brighter, funnier, better looking younger brother.