Horst-Dieter Hoettges 1965/66


Expand your universe and build your ultimate team with the Werder Bremen and West German International from the West German 1965 – 66 season. The one that didn’t end so well for the West German National team and our hard working Horst thanks to the flag of the Soviet linesman being broken. Our Horst always gave 100% and for that he’s in.  The Transfer Window contains a pair of  Horst-Dieter Hoettges cards for play with all other Time Vault Soccer football cards.

  • 2 Horst Dieter Hoettges football cards
  • Football Season 1965 – 66
  • Werder Bremen / West Germany
  • Collection – Debut 1960’s vs 1970’s Starter Squads
  • Card No 27/64
  • 2nd Edition

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