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Profile Tuesday – Cliff Jones

Name:       Cliff JonesCliff Jones Tottenham Hotspur Wales Time Vault Soccer Football Card 12.32

Born:        7 February 1935 –  Swansea, Wales

Position:   Left & Right Winger

Club Career:                                                                               Years             Team                            Apps                  Gls    1952-1958      Swansea Town             168                    47      1958-1968      Tottenham Hotspur    318                  135      1968-1970      Fulham                            25                      2

International Career:                                                                                                              1954-1969       Wales                            59                     16

Career Profile:

Considered by most football experts of the day as the best winger in Europe, Cliff Jones was vital to the Spurs 1960-61 double winning team that also went on to lift the FA Cup in 1962 and the European Cup Winners Cup in 1963.

Lightning fast, full of trickery and as brave as they come he became the embodiment of Bill Nicholson’s mantra that "Winning wasn't enough, it had to be done with a certain style”.

When Tottenham Hotspur first staged a European Cup match against Polish champions Gornik Zabrze in 1961, the Welshman scored a perfect hat-trick — left-foot, right-foot, header, all inside 12 minutes.

Playing 59 times for Wales Cliff appeared in the 1958 World Cup and was part of the Welsh team that beat England 2 – 1 at Ninian Park in 1955 and claims that the winner he scored was his best ever goal.

Time Vault Soccer doffs it’s cap to this Tottenham Hostpur legend with a representation of the double winning 1960 – 61 season.  A season that  saw Cliff contribute 19 goals in 37 appearances for his club and 3 goals in 4 for his country.

Card Profile:

Position:              Midfield/Attack (Left, Right)                                                                        Rating:                 2 Star                                                                                                              Skill Stats:           ATTACK    6           DEFEND    3                                                                   Special:

Raw pace (Speed Skill): When Cliff Jones attacks, your opponent must immediately separate the last card from a defending move consisting of two or more defenders.

 Season Stats:                                                                                                                             Year                 Team                             App          Gls            Hons                                     1960–1961      Tottenham Hotspur    37     (4)   19    (3)    Div1, FAC

Strategy Tip:  A true game changer. Cliff Jones is capable of spoiling your opponents defensive plans. When deployed as the shooting card he boosts your attack whilst simultaneously weakening your opponent’s defence at a critical moment. Equally useful for strategically moving your opponents defence around and hindering their card play. A true strategic thinker’s card.

Features in: "Debut 60's v 70's -  Card No: 12/32"

Figures in (Italics) = stats for their National side.

2 thoughts on “Profile Tuesday – Cliff Jones

    1. Scott

      Cliff Jones, a true great of the game. Indeed he still hosts matches at Tottenham's home games. His autobiography was published in 2016 "It's a wonderful life". We thoroughly recommend it as good football read.

      The Spurs 60-61 team were magnificent and Cliff Jones was vital to them. We doff our caps to the great man!


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