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Profile Tuesday – John Radford

Name:       John RadfordJohn Radford Arsenal England Time Vault Soccer Football Card V3.1

Born:        22 February 1947 –  Hemsworth, England

Position:   Center/Inside Forward, Right Winger

Club Career:                                                                              Years                   Team                        Apps                 Gls    1964-1976          Arsenal                       481                  149 1976-1977          West Ham Utd            28                       0 1977-1979          Blackburn Rovers      38                     10

International Career:                                                                                                              1969-1971          England                        2                        0

Career Profile:

Arsenal FC’s fourth all time highest goal scorer behind  Cliff Basten, Thierry Henri and Ian Wright and the clubs youngest ever hat-trick scorer (against Wolves in 1965). John Radford was a powerful, fearless and unselfish forward.

An instrumental part of Arsenal’s FA Cup and League double-winning side of 1970 – 71, a season that proved the most prolific for Radford who scored 21 goals and set up many more including both goals that secured Arsenal the  2-1 FA Cup win against Liverpool clinching the double.

Only capped twice for his country, Frank Mclintock tells a story that  Radford said of Sir Alf Ramsay, “Don’t like the booger”… a straight talking, true Highbury Legend.

Time Vault Soccer doffs it’s cap to this no fuss, highly effective forward with a representation of the double winning 1970 – 71 season.

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Card Profile:

Position:              Attack (Centre, Right)                                                                                  Rating:                 1 Star                                                                                                              Skill Stats:           ATTACK    5           DEFEND    2                                                                   SPECIAL:              N/A

 Season Stats:                                                                                                                            Year                      Team                     App          Gls            Hons                                              1970 – 1971        Arsenal                   62     (0)   21    (0)    Div1, FAC

Strategy Tip:  Maybe lacking the top end scoring power of some forwards Radford offers a defensive cushion. Well suited to a balanced strategy from the start or used as a substitute to replace a more defensive minded player when chasing the game. Particularly useful when playing along side players with the "Inspiration" Special Skill.

Features in: "Debut 60's v 70's -  Card No: 32/32"

Figures in (Italics) = stats for their National side.

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