The definitive celebration of the great, good and interesting from soccer through the decades. It’s football with time machines… cards, shouting, knee slides and sulking. We are also is the highest ranked football game on Board Game Geek with a score of 8.6/10 so technically we are the best football card/board game in the world. It’s got magic but absolutely no unicorns… because it’s a football game.


Time Vault Soccer is a football card game in which two Bosses (You’re one) each assemble a squad of 16 players with special skills and abilities. You combine your players in unique ways to perform bespoke moves and strategically outwit your opponents in a game of football.

You choose your squads from an ever growing pool of real players from the 1950’s to the 1990’s.

Whether you’re having fun at the kitchen table, playing a high-stakes league and cup format in the pub, or upstairs on your bed sulking because your master plan turned to custard… which it will, because it’s football… there’s a place for you here.


  1. Name, Position & Star ranking: Your squad is made up of 16 players and must not exceed the Star limit for the format you are playing. Pro = 26 stars, Elite = 32 stars. From your squad you will select 11 pairs of cards to form your team.
  2. Nationality, Club & Ref’s call: You can build international or club squads or mix it up. The Ref’s call “markers” on selected cards resolve game incidents. Your cards explain how to use the Ref’s call.
  3. Attack & Defend rating: You combine player cards to form attacking and defending moves. Your player ratings are totaled to give you the core power of your moves.
  4. Ability, [Trait] & Special Skill: These allow you to bend or break the rules. You can change ratings, move players or kick them out of the game. There are no restrictions on how players can be combined.
  5. Stats for club (White) & country (Grey): Do not affect gameplay but tell you how well a player performed in real life, for a specific season. Players may have different cards for different seasons but only one version of a player is allowed in any squad – unless you have a player that says otherwise, see point 4 above… mwahaha!


Match Deck: This is where you put your deck of cards, facedown. At the start of the game you will draw 5.

Defend / Attack: Each turn play cards into these zones to build your moves. Only discard your players once you’ve used their move.

Set Pieces: Resolve corners, Freekicks and Penalties here. Players used to take Set Pieces are not discarded but returned to your Hand.

Discard: Used cards are placed here facedown. Bosses may not look through their discard piles.

Hand: Don’t show these cards to anyone. As you send players to attack or defend immediately redraw.

Substitutes: If you need to change strategy midgame draw on these players by swapping out players from your Hand.



Quick play

Ideal for your first few games or when limited on time. Play straight out of the box with a pre formatted squad and see what trouble you can get yourself into.

Pick your team

For when you have played a few games, think you’ve got it and want to experiment with building your own team… before watching it all go horribly wrong!

Competitive team building

For when you are ready to outwit your opponents in the transfer market as well as the pitch… before realising you can actually do neither.

The purest challenge

For when you want to go at your own pace and customise your own squad out of your own players. Your cards, your team, your mess.

All formats suit 2 Bosses or multiple Bosses in a tournament, league or cup format.

Game time 45 minutes to as long as you want.

… ace in the pub!

Debut 60’s v 70’s

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Time Vault Soccer football card game Rivals

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